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Workshop Series Spring 2005

Date Presenter Topic Materials
Jan. 28 Mark Guzman
(FRB Dallas)
"The Impact of Paying Interest on Reserves in the Presence of Government Deficit Financing" Paper
Feb. 4 Benjamin Keen
(Texas Tech)
“Sticky Price and Sticky Information Price Setting Models: What is the Difference?”  Paper
Feb. 14, Monday Cagatay Koc
"Health-Specific Moral Hazard Effects" Paper
Feb. 21, Monday Tara Sinclair
(Wash U)
"Permanent and Transitory Movements in Output and Unemployment:  Okun's Law Persists" Paper
Feb. 28, Monday Ryan Johnson
"The Impact of World War II Antidiscrimination Policy on Relative Black Employment in Pennsylvania" Paper
Mar. 4
Mar. 11 Mark E. Wohar
(U Neb-Omaha)
"Forecasting the Recent Behavior of U.S. Business Fixed Investment Spending: An Analysis of Competing Models" Paper
Mar. 15 Greg Givens
"Revisiting the Delegation Problem in a Sticky Price and Wage Economy" Paper
Mar. 25
Apr. 1 Mike Ward
"Strategic Cannibalization from Branded Generics" Paper
Apr. 15 Craig Depken
"Another Look at Anti-Scalping Laws: Theory and Evidence" Paper
Apr. 22 Magnus Lofstrom
"Measuring the Returns to the GED: Using an Exogenous Change in GED Passing Standards as a Natural Experiment" Paper
Apr. 29 Rafael Espinoza
(U Guadalajara)
"Blessing Corruption: Institutional Reforms" Paper
May 6
The usual location and time is Room 609 of the Business Building at 3:00 to 4:30.  Travel and related expenses for speakers from out-of-town are generously underwritten by the Kuemmerlein Fund.  To be placed on the workshop email list, contact Mike Ward at  Also, contact Mike Ward at if you wish to present at the UTA Economics Workshop. 

last updated Apr. 13, 2005

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