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Dr. Michelle Badon


Phone Contact: 817.272.1511

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Biology Summer Science Enrichment Programs

The Department of Biology at UT Arlington is offering 2 Summer Science Camps in the summer of 2016.  Several disciplines of biology will be explored:  microbiology, molecular biology, forensics, and anatomy and physiology.   The camps will offer students the opportunity to participate in hands on laboratory experiments.

Day Camps

BSSCBiology Science Summer Camp

Understanding the sciences is an overview and hands on experience with several different disciplines in the field of biology. The course will expose students to microbiology, molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, electron microscopy, forensic science, and more. Students will have the opportunity to visit one of the medical schools in the area and much more. The course is designed to promote a higher and deeper interest in the sciences at an early age.
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The Microbiology Institute will challenge the high school student’s mind to think, research and conduct experiments. This institute is laboratory-based and will involve field work, which will require the students to actually collect samples from different sites on UT Arlington’s campus. The students will have one intense week to complete the 5 I’s of microbiology.
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