UT Arlington Mathematics Teacher Preparation Academy K-8 Graduate Cohort 2009-2011 Application

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Part II:
Funding priorities require the following information as part of the application process, to establish teacher and student need. This information will not be shared with anyone except the funding agency. Campus mathematics coaches should answer the questions on student demographics in terms of their entire campus.

1. How many years have you taught?

2. How many years have you taught mathematics?

3. In what specific certification area(s) do you currently hold a valid Texas teaching certification? (grades and subjects)

4. What was your undergraduate major?

5a. What is the highest degree you have completed?

5b. In what year was this degree awarded?

6. What was the year of your last college-level mathematics class?

7a. How many (total) college hours have you completed in mathematics?

7b. How many (total) college hours have you completed in mathematics education?

8a. How many hours of professional development in mathematics have you completed?

8b. How many hours of professional development in mathematics education have you completed?

9. Please give the ethnic breakdown of the students you teach using numbers instead of percentages:
 a. White    d. Asian  
 b. Black    e. Native American  
 c. Hispanic    f. Other

10. Please give the academic breakdown of the students you teach using numbers instead of percentages: 
 a. Gifted and Talented    e. At-Risk  
 b. Special Education    f. Migrant  
 c. Limited English Proficiency    g. Disabled  
 d. Economically Disadvantaged  

11. Do you presently use cooperative learning groups when teaching mathematics?

If so, how do you assess the learning of each student in this setting?

12. How do you hope to benefit from a professional development program emphasizing mathematics concepts of unit, problem solving, and cooperative learning?

13. Please (this is optional) indicate your race/ethnicity

14. Use this space to provide any additional information you believe relevant
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