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Women's and Gender Studies Program

Today is Friday, February 24, 2017

Women's and Gender Studies Program

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The Women's and Gender Studies minor provides students with the opportunity to engage in critical analysis of issues related to women, gender, and sexuality. Courses typically emphasize how women, gender, and sexuality have shaped and been shaped by history, culture, and society, with particular attention to the role of race, ethnicity, class, nation, age, and religion in forming gender identities. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to complement their work in a traditional discipline with a minor that can be tailored to meet specific interests and needs. It can also be an area of concentration for the Interdisciplinary Studies major.

The Women's and Gender Studies Program is a flexible interdisciplinary program taught by faculty from diverse fields. Courses are taught and taken by both women and men. A minor in Women's and Gender Studies prepares graduates for a variety of graduate programs, as well as for careers in an increasingly gender-integrated workplace.

Students seeking the Women's and Gender Studies minor should first consult with advisors in their major departments or programs for approval, then with the Women's and Gender Studies Program director. A Women's and Gender Studies minor consists of 18 hours selected from the following courses or from other approved courses.

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Women's and Gender Studies Faculty
Interim Director

Dr. Desiree Henderson

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Course Descriptions

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Women's Studies (WOMS)

Special Topics courses may also be used to fulfill the Women's Studies minor with the permission of the Women's Studies program director.

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