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University Studies

Today is Friday, February 24, 2017

University Studies

105 Ransom Hall
Student Appointment Check In at the Main Reception Desk on First Floor Ransom Hall
Box 19240

Message from Executive Director Dawn Remmers, Ph.D.

At UT Arlington, we understand that not all students fit into the molds that the traditional disciplinary majors offer given life’s complexities, twists and turns. The University Studies Program was created to serve students who need a more flexible approach to meeting their educational goals. While not grounded in a traditional academic discipline, a Bachelor of Science in University Studies can open doors in the workforce that otherwise remain closed to students without a college degree.

As part of the University Studies program, you can apply course credit earned from various academic paths toward a customized degree; in your remaining coursework, you can reap the benefits of quality instruction from our outstanding faculty from across the UT Arlington campus. In addition, the program meets the unique advising needs of its students by providing a highly personalized advising experience: you will work with academic advisors whose number one goal is to help you earn your college degree.

I invite you to visit our website for more information about how to apply to the program, degree requirements, and information on how to prepare for the advising process, and ultimately, graduation.

I welcome the opportunity to shake your hand on graduation day!

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Program In University Studies

The University Studies Degree provides students with an opportunity to explore their interests with a degree that allows a breadth of study in a range of disciplines and subjects and provides basic preparation for a variety of career paths that might not be well served through traditional university majors. Students seeking a degree in University Studies will graduate with a broad-based education in at least three fields of study. Once admitted, a student must complete 15 hours in three fields of study (hours completed prior to entering the University Studies program may be used to satisfy degree requirements after consultation with a program advisor). University Studies students hone their skills in important areas such as communication, critical thinking, project management and problem solving.

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Admission Requirements

Students may apply for admission to the University Studies major after successfully completing 60 credit hours. A 2.0 g.p.a. is required for admission to the program and for graduation.

University Studies will not accept students into the degree program who are seeking a second baccalaureate degree.

To join the University Studies degree program, students must complete an online application process. Students who do not meet the objectives of the degree program will be denied admission to the program.

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Requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in University Studies

Core Requirements

Students must complete the common core requirements set forth by the State of Texas and UT Arlington.


Sufficient to give the total number of hours required for the degree.


Students earning a major in University Studies must select three of the following Areas of Concentration and complete 15 hours in each, for a total of 45 hours. In each Area of Concentration, at least six of the fifteen hours must be 3000/4000 level. Of the total 45 hours in the major, no more than fifteen hours may bear the same course prefix. Courses completed as part of the core curriculum may not be used to satisfy the University Studies major requirements.


Any course with the prefix ARCH, ART, DNCE, INTD, MUSI, THEA



Community Studies

Any course with the prefix BEEP, CRCJ, ECED, EDUC, EDML, LIST, SOCW, URPA


Any course with the prefix BE, CE, CSE, EE, ENGR, IE, MSE, MAE, NE

Health and Wellness

Any course with the prefix HEED, KINE, NURS




Any course with the prefix ADVT, BCMN, COMM, COMS, CTEC, JOUR, PREL

Physical Science

Any course with the prefix BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, MATH, PHYS, SCIE

Social Science

Any course with the prefix ANTH, CRCJ, GEOG, POLS, PSYC, SOCI, SOCW, URPA

Notes: Courses that are crosslisted with another department may be substituted for the equivalent cross-listed course and will count as such in each of the Areas of Concentration Those MAS or WOMS courses that are not cross-listed belong to the Social Sciences Area of Concentration.
Some courses in the University Catalog are restricted and may not be available to University Studies majors.
Students cannot take a course for a Pass/Fail grade in any of the three major components. Courses already taken for P/F grades will be applied to the degree electives.


120 hours, at least 36 of which must be 3000/4000 level.


Students pursuing a degree in University Studies may not elect a minor; moreover, University Studies does not offer a minor.

Double Major

Students may not include University Studies as part of any double major or dual  degree plan or complete the degree as a second bachelors degree.

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Oral Communication and Computer Competencies

Students majoring in University Studies are required to demonstrate computer use and oral communication competencies. Computer use proficiency can be demonstrated through successful completion of (a) CSE 1301, INSY 2303, or any other course approved by the Undergraduate Assembly; or (b) the University computer use competency examination. Oral communication proficiency can be demonstrated through the successful completion of (a) COMS 1301, 1302, 2305, or 3302; or (b) other courses approved by the Undergraduate Assembly. Students should discuss these options with their undergraduate advisor, who may also provide a list of other courses approved by the University to meet these requirements.


Students can also complete the Bachelor of Science in University Studies taking online courses through the Finish@UT program.

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