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The Department of Economics

Today is Friday, April 18, 2014

The Department of Economics

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Students who plan to earn a degree in economics in one of the specialized fields listed below should consider the following suggestions as to their choice of elective economics courses:

  • Those planning to do graduate work in economics should include two semesters of calculus, as well as linear algebra in their program. Additional math courses are encouraged and should be selected with assistance from the Economics Department's graduate advisor.
  • Those planning to apply for law school admission should include Law and Economics (ECON 3305) and Economics of Public Policies (ECON 3335) among their economics electives.
  • Those planning to pursue careers in the health sector should include Economics of Health (ECON 3301) and Economics for Managers (ECON 4311) among their economics electives.
  • Those planning to work as an economic analyst should include Industrial Organization and Public Policy (ECON 3313), and Economics for Managers (ECON 4311) among their economics electives.

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Requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics

Students must have completed ECON 2305 and 2306 before enrolling in certain upper-level economics courses. Specified prerequisites are designated for certain courses.


1301, 1302.


Three hours of English or modern and classical languages literature above the freshman level.

Liberal Arts Elective

Three hours of sophomore level literature, or social and cultural studies designated as taught in the College of Liberal Arts, or fine arts, or philosophy.

Political Science

2311, 2312.


1311, 1312.


1315 or 1325, and 1316 or 1426.

Natural Science

Eight hours in lab science (biology, chemistry, geology and/or physics).

Fine Arts

Three hours from architecture, art, dance, music, or theatre arts.

Oral Communication

COMS 1301 or 2305.

Social/Cultural Studies

MANA 2302

Computer Literacy and Statistics

INSY 2303, BSTAT 3321.

Business Communication

BCOM 3360

Accounting, Finance, and Law

ACCT 2301, 2302, BLAW 3310, and FINA 3313.


ECON 2305, 2306, 3303, 3310, 3312, 3318, and 4311 or 4323 or 4325, plus nine additional hours of 3000/4000 level economics, with a minimum of three hours at the 4000 level. Total hours in economics may not exceed 30.


18 hours, at least six of which shall be 3000/4000 level. (The nine hours in accounting and information systems and nine hours from business communications, finance, statistics, or business law may be used as a minor in business administration.)

Other Electives

Sufficient to give the total number of hours required for the degree.


122 hours, at least 39 of which must be 3000/4000 level.

Suggested Course Sequence

Freshman Year

First Semester: ENGL 1301; MATH 1315 or 1325; Natural Science, 4 hours; Fine Arts, 3 hours; HIST 1311-Total Credit 16 hours.

Second Semester: ENGL 1302; MATH 1316 or 1426; Natural Science, 4 hours; Social Science, 3 hours; HIST 1312-Total Credit 16 hours.

Sophomore Year

First Semester: Literature, 3 hours; POLS 2311; COMS 1301 or 2305; ECON 2305; ACCT 2301-Total Credit 15 hours.

Second Semester: Liberal Arts elective, 3 hours; POLS 2312; INSY 2303; ECON 2306; ACCT 2302-Total Credit 15 hours.

Junior Year

First Semester: ECON 3310; ECON 3303; BLAW 3310; FINA 3313; Minor, 3 hours; -Total Credit 15 hours.

Second Semester: ECON 3312; BSTAT 3321; BCOM 3360; ECON elective, 3 hours; Minor, 3 hours-Total Credit 15 hours.

Senior Year

First Semester: ECON 3318; ECON elective (4000 level), 3 hours; Minor, 6 hours; Other elective, 3 hours-Total Credit 15 hours.

Second Semester: ECON 4311 or 4323 or 4325; ECON elective, 3 hours; Minor, 6 hours; Other elective, 3 hours-Total Credit 15 hours.

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Economics Faculty

Professor Roger E. Meiners


Croson, Crowder, D. Himarios, Meiners, Ward

Associate Professors

Choi, Smallwood, Yasar

Assistant Professors

Price, Spivey

Visiting Assistant Professor


Clinical Professor

J. Himarios

Clinical Associate Professor


Clinical Assistant Professor

Brown, Wunder


Kelly, Liggett, Wehr

Professors Emeritus

Carney, Hayashi

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