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Today is Friday, February 24, 2017

Course List

UNIV 1131 ISSUES IN COLLEGE ADJUSTMENT (1-0) Faculty, staff and Peer Academic Leaders in group discussion will communicate academic survival information, analyze potential academic and social problems, and assist in implementing individualized corrective measures. Special sections for Maverick Scholars Freshman Interest Groups, students on probation, students exploring majors, and student athletes will require permission to register. Elective only; does not count as a part of the professional certification requirements. Pass-fail grades will be awarded. For entering freshmen or entering transfer students.

UNIV 1302 COLLEGE LEARNING (3-0) An introduction to the learning strategies and behaviors necessary for academic success in academic programs and in personal and career development. Focus is on self-assessment, self-regulation, and employing cognitive and psychological theories and strategies for self-change. Students complete a self-change project based on theories and models of behavior modification. Gateway Advantage students are required to enroll in this course during their first semester.

UNIV 3335 PEER ACADEMIC LEADER TRAINING (3-0) To train students to be peer counselors who will work as group leaders in UNIV 1131 during the Fall Semester. Group counseling procedures and requisite guidance material to explain academic regulations and student services, analyze deficient study skills, initiate appropriate study habits, and make referrals when necessary. Only pass/fail grades will be awarded. Elective credit; does not count as part of the professional education certification requirements. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

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