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Today is Friday, February 24, 2017

Course List

ECED 4308 APPLICATIONS IN TECHNOLOGY FOR TEACHERS OF YOUNG CHILDREN (2-2) Provides introduction to basic computer operations and technology, including fundamentals of formatting documents in ClarisWorks; spreadsheet, database and word processing. Students will examine hardware and software appropriate for use with young children and consider developmentally appropriate use of technology in early childhood classrooms. Taken concurrently with ECED 4310 and ECED 4311. Field experience required. Prerequisites: ECED 4305, BEEP 4306, and EDTC 4301.

ECED 4310 SPECIAL POPULATIONS AND DIVERSE SETTINGS (2-2) Provides preparation for accommodating children with special needs in EC-6 classroom settings. Focus on characteristics of children with special needs, program accommodations, legal issues, individual assessment and planning, family and agency involvement, and inclusion strategies. Course will examine a variety of diverse settings where children and families live and learn, including homeless shelters. Taken concurrently with BEEP 4384 and ECED 4311. Field experience required. Prerequisites: ECED 4305.

ECED 4318 FOUNDATIONS OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION (3-0) History, issues, and trends in early childhood education; impact of state and federal mandates on programs for children; and foundations for early learning including learning environments, curriculum development, instructional delivery, guidance, and appropriate assessment. Five hours observations in the field required. This course is a prerequisite course and must be taken with ECED 4317.

ECED 4319 OBSERVATION AND ASSESSMENT OF EC-6 CHILDREN (2-2) Principles of designing and implementing authentic assessment techniques that are individually respectful, culturally fair, reliable, and appropriate for children in EC-6 classrooms. Emphasis on observation, documentation, portfolios, informal and formal evaluations, group tests and measurements, purposes of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests, and research findings in assessment of children. Taken concurrently with ECED 4314 and ECED 4687 Residency. Prerequisite: BEEP 4384, ECED 4310 and ECED 4311.

ECED 4320 FOUNDATIONS OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION (3-0) A study of developmentally appropriate curriculum and methods for elementary classrooms, including diversity, assessment, behavior guidance and management, planning instruction and creating positive learning environments. Includes an overview of the history of elementary education and issues currently facing the profession. Course will also address instructional needs and appropriate assessment of all students in inclusive, multicultural, and multilingual classrooms. Five hours observations in the field required. Field-based experiences required ¿ One full day per week on elementary campus. Prerequisite: ECED 4317 and ECED 4318. Taken concurrently with ECED 4320, and BEEP 4306.

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