UTA Business Building

CoB Website Templates

Each CoB department home page and subsequent secondary web pages will use the standardized CoB site templates. These templates reference CSS files, Javascript files, and image files. The templates are available for viewing purposes: CoB Department Home Page template and CoB Department Secondary Page template. The core set of files and templates will be provided to each CoB department. To request the core set, please email the CoB Webmaster.

The templates may be modified within certain guidelines. Any other desired modifications must be recommended to the CoB Webmaster through the Change Control Process. Those modifications that significantly change the look and feel of the CoB website and subsequest departmental sites would require approval by the Dean's Office and Chairs before being applied to all CoB websites.

For faculty that are interested, a standardized template for business faculty web pages is available that is coordinated in design to the look of the College of Business home page and that is simple and flexible to maintain through web development software (Dreamweaver or MS Expression Web). The use of this template for faculty web pages is a voluntary choice—definitely not compulsory. To request the faculty template and associated files, please email the CoB Webmaster.