UTA Business Building

CoB Website Change Control Procedure

The College of Business web change control procedure is the process for reviewing departmental requests to make modifications to their web pages that do not comply with current web standards and guidelines. Changes that do not meet CoB web standards cannot be made without the approval of the Change Control Board.

The change control procedure is as follows:

  • Email your idea, recommendation, or suggestion to the CoB Webmaster.
  • The request will be given a Change Control Request Number (CCR#) and submitted for consideration.
  • The CCR will be reviewed for time, cost, and impact of making the change. A decision will be made.
  • Substantial changes will be taken to the Dean and Chairs for final approval.
  • The CCR will be documented with the final decision.
  • If the decision is to proceed, the work will then be accomplished, documented, distributed to the sites, and archived. If the decision is to not proceed, this will be documented and archived.