Ph.D. in Business Administration

Ph.D. in Business Administration

Carla Buss Memorial Scholarship

How Do I Nominate Someone For The CBM Scholarship?

Each spring, nominations will be submitted to the Ph.D. Programs Coordinator. Students can nominate other students (no self-nominations) in conjunction with a Faculty member. A letter of nomination from both the student and the faculty is required speaking to why this student embodies collegiality, community service, leadership, and academic excellence. Student nominees should be individuals who excel in the classroom and mentor other students to create a positive doctoral environment. Letters of nomination are due on March 15 of every year to the Ph.D. Programs Coordinator via e-mail. The scholarship is awarded at the end of the spring semester and funds will be provided the following fall semester. Students in their terminal year will not be eligible to receive the award as they will not be able to complete the requirements of the winner.

What Is Expected Of The Winner?

The winner of the CBM Scholarship will be expected to:

  • Speak at the annual Boot Camp for new Ph.D. students
  • Serve as the Ph.D. Student Committee Representative for the year
  • Mentor the incoming winner
  • Maintain website and information working directly with the website developer and UTA Office of Development.
  • Show leadership in a College of Business Ph.D. community service project.

Who should I contact for more information about nominating someone for the Carla Buss Memorial Scholarship?

Contact: Ph.D. Programs Coordinator

Thank You!