M.S. in Healthcare Administration

The Market for Health Care Administrators

Qualified Health Care administrators are in great demand in the industry in inpatient, outpatient, and long term care settings. Health Care managers and administrators work in a variety of non-patient care settings which include corporate health care benefits management, insurance companies, Big 5 Accounting firms, consulting firms, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, information management organizations, licensing board and outsourcing service organizations. Graduates are needed who can understand and adapt to rapid changes in the industry, respond to increasing competitive and legal pressures, and effectively integrate information about quality and cost into the delivery of services and assessment of service quality.

The Association of University Programs in Health Administration has concluded, in a study with Korn/Ferry International, that "at no time in the history of the Health Care Industry has there been a greater need for Health Care executives to provide aggressive and decisive leadership...we are convinced (health care administration graduates) will develop into the seasoned leaders the industry must have to meet the challenges of a different future." UT Arlington's HCAD program is designed to help new health care administrators meet these challenges.

The employer outlook for qualified health care administrators is bright. Currently, one of every six jobs is in the health care industry. Fourteen of the thirty fastest-growing occupations are related to health care and growth generally.