M.S. in Healthcare Administration

About the Master of Science in Health Care Administration Program

Features of the Master of Science in Health Care Administration Program:

  • Cohort format allows you to enroll into two classes per semester, taking only one class at a time.
  • Classes are delivered in accelerated 5-7 week sessions.
  • Complete the program in 24 months.

The curriculum consists of a set of industry-focused courses built on a foundation of business core courses, culminating in an integrated "capstone" class and research project or residency. All the key functional areas of business are covered, including accounting, economics, finance, information systems, law, management, and marketing.

When you have completed the program, you will understand the fundamental principles of all of these functional areas and how they apply in a health care context. More importantly, you will have developed a mindset of evidence-based management. This approach allows you to lead more effectively and to help your organization adapt and grow to meet future challenges, and most of all, to serve the patient and your organizational stakeholders.

Classes are arranged in a naturally progressive sequence, with related classes grouped together when possible. Integration of the material across the curriculum is an important part of the program philosophy. While it is possible to make modest changes to the cohort schedule, it is not encouraged and it can extend your graduation date.