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The University of Texas at Arlington


CPA Professional Certification Faqs

  • Q: How do I become a CPA?
  • A: Licensure as a CPA is under the jurisdiction of each individual state. In the State of Texas, the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) administers the rules and regulations governing certified public accountants. To become a CPA an individual must meet certain educational and work experience requirements, pass all four parts of the CPA examination, and pass an ethics examination. Complete information about licensure requirements can be obtained from the TSBPA website.
  • The TSBPA is the sole authority regarding the requirements that must be met to become a CPA in Texas. Faculty and advisors at UT-Arlington can answer general questions about the CPA examination, but they cannot evaluate transcripts or provide authoritative information about licensure requirements.
  • As of 2/18/09, William Treacy, the Chair of the TSBPA, informed us that the new requirements have been suspended until further notice. You can go ahead and apply under the old rules. Those who have received notification of deficiencies should either reapply or call the TSBPA office. Going forward, we'd recommend taking ACCT 5321 and BCOM 3360 if it will fit into your schedule.
    • Q: How do I apply to take the CPA examination in Texas?
    • A: An application to take the CPA examination can be obtained from the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy website. The TSBPA may be contacted at 512-305-7850 or via e-mail at exam@tsbpa.state.tx.us. An application of intent to write the examination can be downloaded from the TSBPA's website.
    • Q: What are the requirements to take the CPA examination in the State of Texas?
    • A: The requirements to take the CPA examination in Texas are detailed at the Exam/Qualification page of the TSBPA website as a publication titled 'Information for Prospective CPA Applicants'. These requirements include: (1) being of good moral character and (2) meeting specific education requirements set forth in TSBPA rules. Please consult the TSBPA website for specific details.
    • Q: Which UTA accounting courses does the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) accept as meeting the requirement for 30 semester hours of upper division accounting coursework?
    • A: At present, most (but not all) UTA accounting courses are accepted by the TSBPA. Sophomore courses (principles) and a few higher level courses are not accepted as upper division courses. For more information please see the course listing (below) provided by the TSBPA.
    • TSBPA list of approved UTA accounting courses
    • Because this list of acceptable courses can change, individuals are advised to contact the TSBPA directly for authoritative information.
    • Q: How does the TSBPA count the software tools courses (3304, 5313)?
    • A: At present these courses are not accepted as accounting courses. However, the skills learned in these courses are viewed as extremely important to career success and therefore the software tools courses are highly recommended for all accounting majors.
    • Q: How should I prepare for the CPA examination?
    • A: The CPA examination is principally a textbook examination rather than an examination of practice skills. Hence, you should take the examination as soon as you qualify.
    • Although not absolutely necessary, it is strongly recommended that you take a CPA review course. These courses provide a review of the relevant material tested and also develop your test taking skills. If you do not take a review course an alternative is to purchase a set of CPA review books (these are carried in the UTA bookstore).
    • Q: How do I obtain information about enrolling in a CPA review course?
    • A: The Useful Links section of this website includes links to several CPA review programs.