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The University of Texas at Arlington

Department of Accounting

Overview of the Department

The University of Texas at Arlington Department of Accounting was founded in 1963 and is the second largest accounting program in The University of Texas System. The program is fully accredited and has over 6,000 alumni. The department offers two undergraduate degrees (B.S. and B.B.A.), four master's degrees (MBA-Accounting, MPA, MSA, and MST), and a Ph.D. degree. A Professional Program In Accounting (PPIA) is offered for students who wish to concurrently pursue both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. For degreed professionals who wish to update their knowledge of taxation the department offers a Tax Certificate program. Course offerings include 16 different undergraduate courses and 25 different graduate courses. Areas of coverage include accounting systems, auditing, financial accounting, international accounting, managerial accounting, and taxation. The department has a reputation for producing excellent graduates and is a recruiting source for international, national, and locally-based firms in public accounting, industry, and government.