Ph.D. in Business Administration program

The Ph.D. in Business Administration degree with a primary field in accounting is designed for students pursuing careers as college or university professors, or careers in business or government which require an understanding of accounting and related research matters. The program is balanced in its focus on knowledge of technical accounting matters, research tools, and methodologies.
Program Structure and Course Requirements
Each student must complete course work in three fields in the Ph.D. in Business Administration program: a major field (in which a dissertation in accounting is written), a minor field, and a research field.

Major Field: The accounting major field course requirements are as follows: (1) 24 graduate accounting hours beyond the bachelor's degree (accounting course work equivalent to either that required by UTA's Master of Science in Accounting degree or Master of Science in Taxation degree as described in the current UTA Graduate Catalog); and (2) three doctoral seminars - Accounting 6309, Seminar in Accounting Research I; Accounting 6310, Seminar in Accounting Research II; and Accounting 6311, Seminar in Accounting Research III.

Minor Field: For the minor field, students are expected to complete course requirements set by the appropriate department (normally at least 12 semester hours beyond the MBA foundation level courses).

Research Field: Each student must complete a research field, which consists of 15 semester hours of quantitative method courses beyond the MBA foundation level courses. The research field consists of a research core of 6 semester hours, which must cover regression/linear models and multivariate statistics (MASI 6302 and MASI 6309) and 9 semester hours of other approved research courses. Of the additional 9 semester hours, one course must be MGT 6329 (research design). Additionally, BUSA 5325 (an MBA advanced statistics course) should be taken if the student has not had an advanced business statistics course.

In addition to the course work requirements for the major, minor, and research fields, each student must complete courses equivalent to Econ 5316, Mathematical Economics (which may count toward a field requirement), and Phil 3318, Philosophy of Science (which may not count as a portion of any field requirement). Calculus I and II may be substituted for Econ 5316, and Management 6329 (Experimental Design) may be substituted for Phil 3318. All students are also required to complete a graduate Accounting Theory course (ACCT 5327) if they have not completed such a course in their previous studies.

The student's supervisory committee must approve course work for the minor and research fields. Also, the supervisory committee prescribes the course work that will allow the student to sit for comprehensive examinations in the major, minor, and research fields. Competence in these fields must be demonstrated by successful completion of comprehensive examinations. A student must maintain a cumulative 3.25 GPA in UTA course work to be considered in good standing. If a student's GPA falls below 3.25, then the student is put on academic probation.

Dissertation: A student must register for a minimum of 18 dissertation hours and must show reasonable progress during any semester the student is registered for dissertation hours. The candidate must complete the dissertation defense and all other requirements within four calendar years after the semester in which the comprehensive oral examination is completed.

Summary: At a minimum, students will complete approximately 78 graduate semester hours beyond the bachelor's degree and necessary Business Foundation courses in attaining the Ph.D. degree as follows:

     24 hours: Accounting master's level course work (can be taken elsewhere)
     09 hours: Accounting doctoral seminars
     12 hours: Minor field
     15 hours: Research field
     18 hours: Dissertation
     78 hours: Total (minimum)

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