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Katherine M. Horstmann Scholarship

  • Purpose
  • The Katherine M. Horstmann Endowed Scholarship was established to honor Katherine M. Horstmann for the significant contributions she made to the University of Texas at Arlington while serving on the accounting faculty. Funding was provided by the University of Texas at Arlington, the Gamma Phi Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting Society of U. T. Arlington, accounting alumni, U. T. Arlington accounting faculty, and friends of Katherine M. Horstmann.
  • About Katherine M. Horstmann
  • Katherine M. Horstmann received her BBA (1968) and MPA (1970) degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington and became a Certified Public Accountant shortly thereafter. She began her teaching career at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1969 as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and was a Senior Lecturer when she retired in December 1995. During her career at the University of Texas at Arlington she served as assistant chair, faculty advisor to Beta Alpha Psi, and was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Alpha Chi. Other memberships included the Accounting Alumni Association and the American Society of Women Accountants.
  • While employed at the University of Texas at Arlington she taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of financial accounting and accounting theory. She was an outstanding and enthusiastic teacher. Through many contributions to the University of Texas at Arlington she enriched the lives of colleagues, students, alumni, and peers in professional practice. Her dedicated service greatly benefited the Department of Accounting and its students, and served to enhance the reputation of the University of Texas at Arlington.
  • Criteria
  • To be eligible for the Katherine M. Horstmann Endowed Scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:
    1. Be a declared accounting major currently enrolled (or intending to enroll) in an accounting degree program at UTA;
    2. Have completed a minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours of accounting courses at The University of Texas at Arlington;
    3. Have achieved a minimum overall GPA of 3.25 and a minimum GPA of 3.25 in accounting courses completed at an accredited college or university;
    4. Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States; and
    5. Have at least 9 semester hours of study remaining to complete an accounting degree at the University of Texas at Arlington.
  • Recipients
  • 2018: Cindy Hua
  • 2016: Jeremy Smeltz
  • 2015: Jessica L. Guillon
  • 2014: Desiree Grubbs
  • 2013: Casie Matthews
  • 2012: Pratibha Adhikari
  • 2011: Noureen Kasmani
  • 2010: Daniel Orth
  • 2009: Desiree Ford
  • 2008: Kristan Medina
  • 2007: No scholarship awarded
  • 2006: Evelyn Gonzalez
  • 2005: Brandi Castillo
  • 2004: Bobbie Hensley