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Accounting Alumni Endowed Scholarship

  • Purpose
  • The Accounting Alumni Association created an endowment fund at UTA with the direction that the earnings from the monies be awarded as scholarships to outstanding accounting majors at UTA.
  • About the Accounting Alumni Association
  • The Accounting Alumni Association was formed in the early 1980’s to support the goals and objectives of the Department of Accounting, and the endowed scholarship was established in May of 2008. The Alumni Association is comprised of degreed accountants who are graduates of the University of Texas at Arlington working in the public and private sectors.
  • Criteria
  • To be eligible for the Accounting Alumni Endowed Scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:
    1. Have an Accounting GPA of at least 3.33 or higher, after completion of at least 9 semester hours in Accounting at the University of Texas at Arlington (graduate or undergraduate), of a SAT score sufficient to place the student in the 80% percentile (or above) for college-bound seniors; and
    2. Approval and recommendation of the Department Scholarship Committee.
      • Recipients
      • 2018: Amanda DeLeon
      • 2016: Shilpa Shrestha
      • 2015: Xi Cheng
      • 2014: Myrna Nugraha
      • 2013: Chanya Wongsaroj
      • 2012: Opeyemi F. Akinlade
      • 2011: Rino Manfroni
      • 2010: Anoop Baral