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When to contact the undergraduate advisor

You are welcome to contact the undergraduate advisor whenever you need information about the undergraduate programs. Appointments are scheduled through the reservation telephone number (817-272-3368). Some specific occasions to make contact would be:


Upon initial acceptance into the undergraduate program
When you are initially accepted into the undergraduate program as a pre-business major, you will need to meet with the undergraduate advisor to select your first semester classes. Thereafter, you will need to meet with the advisor each semester to select your course enrollments until you become eligible to declare a major. Once you meet the eligibility requirements and officially declare a major you will no longer be required to meet the advisor to select your classes for the next semester.

Note: When you become eligible to declare a major you will be notified of this fact via mail. The notification will include a form you complete and return to declare your major.

When changing your declared major
If you want to change your declared major, contact the undergraduate advisor. 

If you are placed on probation because of a low GPA
Under guidelines established by the College of Business faculty business majors are required to maintain a specified minimum GPA. If your GPA falls below this minimum level you will be contacted by the Undergraduate Advising Office and asked to visit with the undergraduate advisor to discuss your continuance in the undergraduate program. Details regarding the minimum GPA can be obtained from the website of the College Undergraduate Advising Office under the COBA Admission Requirements link.

If you interrupt your enrollment for a full calendar year
Previously admitted undergraduate students who do not enroll for a complete calendar year are required under University rules to reapply for admission. The application for readmission is an abbreviated form available from the University Office of Admissions.