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2013 CPE Day Participant Materials

Speaker and Topic Learning Objectives Session Materials

Jeff Wacker, Futurist & Sr. Fellow Emeritus, Hewlett-Packard

 ”Bits, Atoms, Cells, Gears & Joules: The Five Forces Driving the Next Techno-Social Economic Revolution”


  • Significant shifts in technology have driven major social and economic change in long wave cycles for the past 200+ years (called Kondratieff Waves)
  • We are now in the 5th Kondratieff Wave driven by biotech, nanotech, robotics, infotech2 and energy technologies
  • The impact on how we live and work is already being felt (social networks, mobile compute, assisted driving, efficient solar energy, genetics in everything) but this is just the start of the impact.
  • The next ten years will drive as much change potential as the last 50-60 years.
  • The accompanying economic shift will create new wealth and destroy existing.
Morning Materials

Carlton Tartar, Associate Chief Accountant, SEC          

“Overview of the SEC and Current Priorities”

  • Obtain understanding of the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission and
  • Understand current SEC priorities and initiatives.  
Morning Materials

Rahul Gupta, FASB Project Manager

Update on FASB Activities”
  • Understanding Recent Accounting Standards and Updates
  • Current FASB, EITF and PCC projects
Morning Materials

Giovanna Koning, Falcon Holdings

“It Can Be Done”

  • Learn about the steps to success: Tenacity, Persistance, Willing to Change, Communication

Richard Mark, Associate Professor, UTA

“Ethics in Accounting – Part I”
  • To aid Texas CPAs in applying ethical judgment when interpreting the various standards and rules applicable to the practice of public accountancy within the State of Texas
  • To encourage Texas CPAs to place primary importance in ethical decision-making on public rather than self-interest when evaluating their ethical decisions even at the loss of position or client.
  • To review and encourage open discussion of the Rules of Professional Conduct and their implications for persons in a variety of practices
Breakout Session I Materials

Richard Mark, Associate Professor, UTA

“Ethics in Accounting – Part II”              

Breakout Session I Materials

Bill Hattox Senior Manager, Travis Wolff

“Federal Tax Update on the ACA”

  • Overview of Net Investment Income
  • How the tax effects individuals, trust, and estates
  • Interaction with 469
  • Sale of an interest in an active trade or business
Breakout Session II Materials

Matt Herring, Intl Examiners, IRS

“Going Global and US Tax Considerations”

  • Define Basic Filing Requirements �Explain Relief from Double Taxation
  • Review International Scenarios and the US Tax Implications
  • Note US Tax Forms for Foreign Activity
  • Discuss Potential Tax Issues
  • Describe Process and Structure at IRS
Breakout Session II Materials

Eugenio Alemán, Wells Fargo

“The U.S. Economic Recovery: Why so Weak and What Should be Done?”


  • After so many years of slow economic growth, the U.S. economy seems to be finally taking off. Now the talk on the economy has to shift from low interest rates to the path of monetary policy that will guarantee stable growth without the economy hitting the brakes, that is, without going into recession.
Breakout Session II Materials

Daniel Baucum, Partner, Cantey Hanger

“Legislative Update – Latest from the Hill and IRS”


  • Examine Federal tax reform proposals under discussion in the House Ways & Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee with a view toward future legislation.
  • Focus on two tax “loopholes” under heated debate in Congress and the Administration.
  • Review recent IRS activities regarding foreign bank account reporting and large cash deposits in domestic banks.
  • Review IRS revisions and controversy regarding Circular 230, governing ethical practice before the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Finally, a cautionary discussion regarding Return Preparer penalties.
Breakout Session II Materials

Karen Baum, VP, Charles River Associates

 “Fraud and Forensic – What You Don't Know Can Hurt You”


  • To get an update on which forms of fraud are most prevalent in 2014 and how frauds are being discovered
  • To get a quick update on the regulatory environment in the fraud arena
  • To develop a better understanding of the threats and incidences of cyber-fraud
Breakout Session III Materials

Thomas Stewart, Whitley Penn     

“Business Valuation: What are We Valuing?”

  • Raise awareness for the importance of clearly understanding the subject property defined in a business valuation.
Breakout Session III Materials

Blake Bailey, Partner, Phelps Dunbar

"Financial Risks Associated with Pre-Employment Background Checks”

  • To guide executives through the risks associated with how credit and criminal histories are considered and how employment decisions are made in a changing landscape of legal obligations.  
Breakout Session III Materials

Brian Thomas, IT Partner, Weaver LLP

“How to Audit in a Cloud Environment”

  • The types of cloud computing
  • How cloud computing is similar and different from traditional on-premise solutions from a risk perspective
  • How to conduct an audit of a cloud service provider, including the key considerations
  • The role of third party assurance
  • Current trends associated with governance, risk and compliance in the cloud
    Breakout Session III Materials

    Bill Wilson, Financial Advisor and UTA Faculty           

    “Retirement Planning- Making the Right Decisions”

    • Understanding different types of retirement plans
    • How to avoid common mistakes
    • Tax Considerations in Retirement Planning
    Breakout Session IV Materials

    Michael Lawrance, Senior Manager, KPMG

    “Auditing Investments in a Full Scope Audit”

    • Understanding the basic investment procedures in a full scope audit
    • Understanding how to audit hard-to-value investments
    • Understanding how to differentiate between the different types of investments in an employee benefit plan
    Breakout Session IV Materials

    Guadalupe Garcia, Assurance Manager, Whitley Penn 

    “SEFA Preparation and Sub-Recipient Monitoring in an OMB Circular A-133 Environment”


    • Discuss applicable requirements and the pitfalls to avoid when preparing the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.
    • Understand the responsibilities of pass-through entities, subrecipients, and their external auditors in regards to compliance with subrecipient monitoring requirements.
    • Preview changes in requirements of pass-through entities in OMB’s new “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards” effective December 26, 2014.
    Breakout Session IV Materials

    John DeBurro, Partner, Weaver LLP

    GASB Update”


    • GASB standards applicable to governmental entities in FY 14
    • What you need to get ready for: New GASB standards applicable in FY 15
    Breakout Session IV Materials