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Message From the Chair                            

Dr. Chandra Subramaniam

Dear Prospective Student:

We want you to join our program of study!  You will not be disappointed.  I take my job very seriously, and that job is to provide you with an unsurpassed environment for preparing you to succeed in the accounting profession.

Here is my Top Ten List of reasons you should consider UTA�s Accounting Program:

(1)    UTA Accounting graduates are respected and highly sought after by employers.

(2)    UTA Accounting is a well recognized program � having met stringent accreditation standards and ranking in the top 5 percent nationally for its research record.

(3)    UTA Accounting professors are in the classroom �very few classes are taught by part-time instructors or graduate students � and class sizes are not huge.

(4)    UTA Accounting offers year-round programming with both day and night sections.

(5)    UTA Accounting offers numerous degree programs � BBA, BS, MPA, MS, and PhD.

(6)    UTA Accounting student groups are the largest and most active student groups on campus � the Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi provide a sense of community.

(7)    UTA Accounting is housed in modern facilities with modern computing equipment � adjacent to brand new student housing.

(8)    UTA Accounting graduates are consistent powerhouse performers on the CPA Exam.

(9)    UTA Accounting is centrally located, conveniently serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area - which affords numerous professional internship opportunities.

(10)   UTA Accounting tuition and fees are affordable, and numerous scholarships are available.

(11)   UTA Accounting faculty and staff really care about you!

If you join our program, you will find it to be just like our Top Ten List � it will include more than you expect!

Please let me know if I can provide you with more information about our program.  I welcome the opportunity to tell you more about what we can do for you.


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