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The University of Texas at Arlington


Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Department of Accounting is to:
    1. Prepare students from diverse backgrounds for professional careers  Accounting;
    2. Create, interpret and disseminate knowledge of Accounting; and
    3. Provide service to the University and Accounting profession.
  • To accomplish this mission the department:
    1. Offers high-quality instruction emphasizing technical competence, ethical practices, communication skills, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. 
    2. Produces meaningful scholarship which improves the practice of Accounting, our understanding of Accounting, and the process of educating future accountants.
    3. Participates in the University’s governance and provides service to professional and academic organizations. 
    4. Seeks to attract, develop, reward, and retain a diverse faculty with professional-level knowledge who are committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.
    5. Endeavors to secure the resources sufficient to fulfill these goals.