Hazlewood Exemption Act -- STATE BENEFIT

Today is Friday, April 18, 2014

Hazlewood Exemption

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (effective Fall 2014)

Student must make satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the institution's financial aid policy.

  • - Applies to veterans
  • - Applies to Legacy recipients
  • - Applies to children and/or spouses of disabled veterans
  • - Does not apply to children or spouses of veterans killed in action, missing in action, or who died due to a service-related illness or injury

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress - must complete a term without Hazlewood and meet SAP to be reinstated.

To view UTA's SAP requirements please go to: http://wweb.uta.edu/aao/fao/content/financialaid/satisfactory_academic_progress.aspx

The Hazlewood Act exempts qualified Veterans and/or dependents from specific tuition and fee charges at public institutions of higher education in the state of Texas. The exemption is for a maximum of 150 credit hours of all tuition and course related fees for both undergraduate and graduate coursework. Hazlewood does not cover books, housing, parking fees, or any other non-tuition related expenses.

Hazlewood for Dependents grants a spouse and children of a 100% disabled or deceased Veteran their own hours.

Hazlewood Legacy allows a Hazlewood Act eligible Veteran to transfer their unused hours to a dependent child.

Hazlewood eligible students are also eligible to simultaneously receive federal student aid by completing the FAFSA. However, the exemption is counted in your financial aid budget. Please note that your awards may be reduced if your application is processed after your aid has disbursed.

You must be registered for classes, and tuition and fees must be present on your UTA account in order for your Hazlewood Exemption to be applied. If your application is not received by payment deadlines, you will be responsible for making payment arrangements with the Bursars Office and any late fees accrued.

Applications and Supporting Documents may be submitted by Fax: 817.272.7013 or Email: va@uta.edu ; please include the student’s UTA Maverick ID.

  • Eligible Veterans must have Texas listed as the Home of Record or Place of Entry on DD214 or provide documentation to prove eligibility for the exemption.

  • Veterans must serve at least 181 days of active duty service, excluding initial active duty training. Discharge (DD214 bock 12c) must be characterized as “Honorable” or “Under Honorable Conditions” as shown on the Member 4 copy of the DD214.

  • Veterans or dependents must provide proof of ALL other Federal VA Educational Benefits related to eligibility, ineligibility or exhaustion.

  • Veterans may transfer their benefits to eligible children under Hazlewood Legacy for whom they can provide proof of dependency. Only one person may use the benefit at a time.

  • Veterans must reside in Texas and Dependents must be residents of Texas as of Fall 2011.

  • Veterans using the Exemption must complete the HE-V Application Form. If transferring to dependent both applications must be completed, the HE-V Application Form and HE-D Application Form. Children and spouses of disabled/deceased veterans only need to complete the HE-D Application Form. ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS OUTLINED IN THE APPLICATION MUST BE INCLUDED.

  • The Award Year at UTA consists of Summer, Fall, and Spring. You must renew your application (supporting documents not required) annually. Annual applications are accepted beginning April 1 – ONLY those semesters you list on the application will be certified.

  • You are responsible for tracking all of your hours and providing UTA with hours used at another institution. This information is available on the Hazlewood Database for Students.

Deadlines for Submission are available on the VA Home Page. UTA will not certify exemptions that are in a past semester. You must turn in an application no later than the last class date of the semester to which the exemption applies.

Continuing Education Courses and the Executive MBA Program are not eligible for Hazlewood.

For more information about the Hazlewood Act and education benefits for Texas Veterans call 1-800-252-VETS or visit the Texas Veterans Commission Website.